nowhere mind

when old stories whither,an uncertain current moves in the wind… an excitement flickers! liminal places resemble potential calling forth,retracting inward,nowhere to rest… resting in the nowhere! butterflies in the belly,curiosity of the mind,emptiness, oh emptiness,you remind me— that even change,is but a dream,carry on— the grass continues to grow,the kookaburra eats the scone,the child withContinue reading “nowhere mind”

the deserts of eden

self consciousness roams in the deserts of eden,a mirage of nothingness in paradise self consciousness preserves what is human,and sacrifices the divine self consciousness makes borders in piles of sand, and makes things into objects,and expands through contraction self consciousness gives me life but blinds me to reality self consciousness resembles a spider’s web,a shadowContinue reading “the deserts of eden”