Hi, I’m a cognitive neuroscientist, contemplative, writer, speaker, and backyard poet. I’ve authored the first unifying theory of both meditation and insight, among many other things. My mission is to know the mind in order to uncover simple and effective empirical paths towards peace.


Seeing clearly

Is it possible that meditation genuinely allows practitioners to perceive the world in a more direct way, beyond conceptions? Using a combination of neuroimaging, machine learning, and neuro-phenomenology, we are investigating some of the rarest states of consciousness accessible to human beings. Read our unifying theory of meditation.

Sudden insight

How do we know when our ideas are true? What causes false insights? Can we trust mystical experiences? We are creating new ways to capture insight experiences in the laboratory to investigate how insights change our beliefs, the dark side of (false) insight experiences, and the mechanisms that underly spiritual experiences.

Wiser education

The education system does not meet the demands of the future. We need a shift from anxious to happy, passive to engaged, facts to processes, teacher to facilitator, and from distracted to mindful. Read our work on education and AI, as well as our review on the effect of mindfulness on learning.