What we are is the question at the heart of contemplative science, and certainly we are not a collection of memories, or a career. With that in mind, Ruben received his PhD from The University of Queensland and is now a postdoctoral scientist at the VU University of Amsterdam, working with Professor Heleen Slagter. He is a scientific advisor to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, a lecturer at Amsterdam University College, a volunteer at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam, and a surfer and a rock climber whenever on home turf. In 2012 Ruben had his last professional Muay Thai kickboxing fight against a two-time world champion on national TV in Hong Kong. During his studies he ran a DJing and entertainment business to pay the bills, and eventually hosted a music festival. During his postgraduate studies, along with his officemate, he started the first business in Australia where you could buy bitcoin directly online.