everywhere mind

there’s the being nowhere

then there’s the bringing of all that I am and have been to each ordinary cup of coffee and spoken letter

there’s the letting of the truth run free and wild at midnight in bathtubs with weightless witches from Marrakesh

how life rejoices with us in those unrestrained temptuos unfoldings

how it resonates to our music and sings back to us in the form of signs and synchronicities

howling like the pure life of wolves in sparkling darkness

constantly dawning

carrying the weight of worlds on feather back
shielding storms with deep breaths and sighs

life, my guide, you render my vision into paintings of pure light and tend the garden of eden for playful delights

we might as well call it guilt free roaming
sorrow-filled and ecstasy unbounded

life glorily as it is
life glorily as it is

unspeakable and sincere

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